This one combines cricket and analytics. I try to tell stories related to cricket using data. Among other things I’ve written about how India bat badly when both Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma get out early (this was written on the morning of the India-New Zealand World Cup Semifinal), and about how scoring rates in Test matches have changed over time. 

The Art of Data Science

This was initially started as a place where I could rant about what went on in the name of “data science” in London (where I then lived). I was a bit taken aback by how people considered all data problems as machine learning problems (hammer-nail approach), and business context was generally ignored. 


I ran this for a couple of months before I shut it down due to lack of response. Each week I would pick one visualisation from the mainstream media and dissect it, about what we could learn from it and what we could improve. 

The Paper

This is a joint project with Suprio Guha Thakurta. We started off analysing Indian business news for a global audience. However, given the subscriptions and responses, we pivoted it to become a space where we would periodically deliver business theories and concepts.