As you might have figured out from the rest of my site, I love to talk. And so people invite me to record podcasts. And I’ve even made a couple of appearances on news television analysing election.

This page is a collection of my media appearances.

Between The Buyer And The Seller

I was invited to Bloomberg’s Odd Lots podcast to discuss my book Between the buyer and the seller, and to talk about how concepts from financial markets can be used to analyse everyday life. Produced by the Bloomberg Markets team, this podcast has hosted guests such as Emanuel Derman, Hikaru Nakamura and Neel Kashkari.
Related to my book, I also recorded a few podcast episodes for Amit Varma’s The Seen And The Unseen podcast. This one was on the market for football players: I spoke about taxi marketplaces and how the likes of Uber have revolutionised urban transport: Since The Seen And The Unseen is a policy podcast, I extracted concepts from one chapter in my book to talk about the problems with Special Economic Zones in India. And this one was about why unlike people in big cities elsewhere, Indians don’t seem to eat out too much.

Election Forecasting and Analysis

In 2018, I made my debut as a television pundit, analysing the Karnataka election exit polls for News 9. The full episode is here.
I have done a fair amount of work analysing and writing about election data. In 2018, I recorded a podcast for The Pragati Podcast covering opinion polls, exit polls, election forecasting, etc. A year later, in 2019, I was on a sort of “sister podcast” to Pragati podcast, this time talking in Kannada about elections for the Thale Harate podcast.


From time to time I have appeared in several other podcasts. I mentioned The Seen And The Unseen earlier. I was on its inaugural episode in 2017, talking about agricultural markets. Here, again for The Seen And The Unseen, I talk about futures markets for agricultural commodities. In 2019, I spoke in Hindi about cricket analytics. The episode is here: